Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shnazzy Shoes...

Ok, so, I know it's been over a month since my last post...but life has been busy and nothing too exciting to blog about.

Then again...there's always shoes....

The first pair I found at Old Navy on clearance for $5.97...I know...a splurge for me...but they were so cute and I was already on a clearance high...and since I had bought a couple shirts at $.47 each...I figured I could up the price on the shoes a bit. And since this winter weather has been somewhat of a joke...I have already bared the cold and worn them out! Crazy, I know. But my feet looked cute!

The second pair...my zebra sparkle shoes were actually a Christmas present from David's parents! I LOVE them. So funky and different. I have worn those several times already too....who needs spring?

Lastly, I found these cute leather fringe flip-flops at Old Navy for a whopping $.97!!! I bought 2 pairs (not 36 pairs like the last mega shoe find at Old Navy...since I never really sold many of them). I got a pink pair and a brown pair! I will have to wait til spring to pull these off...but, I already have the perfect outfit to wear them with! Can't wait. :)
May you too find some $.50-$1.00 shoes today!

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