Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All Things Mother

For Mother's Day this year, I made my mom 2 scrabble tile pendants and went all sentimental on her. I made her cry so I consider it a major success. I used old vintage pictures of her mother, who passed away 25 years ago. Both of her parents are gone. :( So sad. So I can only imagine how hard Mother's Day must truly be when you don't have a mother to cherish on this special day.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the necklaces. But, I do have a picture of the card I made my mom. This vintage picture is of my grandmother, Esther, as a little girl. The picture is too cute! I also used a mini-version of this one for one of the scrabble tile pendants.

Everything about this picture is so unique. She was beautiful. Her cute little dress. Her pose. Her shoes. Everything. Love it. Wish I knew her. Here's the inside of the card.

So, that's what I did for my mom.

Moving on....David surprised me on Saturday while I was gone to a baby shower. He managed to do a ton of yard work in 2 hours.

I got home and saw this pretty planter next to the garage outside filled with one of our lily plants. So pretty! I have been begging for a large planter out there! He also weeded the entire flower bed and planted some morning glory's. Thanks babe.

That's not all. Sunday morning, Mother's Day, I woke up and literally dragged myself out of bed only to peek around the corner to see if there was a surprise waiting for me on the table (David gets up way too early on Sundays, he has to be at the church super early, so I am usually with Liam until about 10:30, when we head over to the church). He has this tradition of setting up my "surprise" before I get up, then I see it once I am awake! To my pleasing surprise I found a card and presents! Yay.
David has always bought me Clinique Happy perfume ever since we were dating (way back in 2002). I was currently out of perfume, so this was perfect! It came with this cute orange tote-beach-bag. Love it.
Later we went to lunch at the Bardenay where I had eggs benedict. We spent some time at the park. I got to take a 2+ hour nap. Then we capped the evening eating pizza and watching Xmen (the first one) in honor of Wolverine: The origin. Also, I ended up sewing 5 pillows that night while we "watched" the movie. I'll post pics of the pillow projects later.

Anywho, it was a fabulous mother's day. I have a fabulous son and an even more fabulous husband. Life is good.

Shiny New Toy

Is it totally tacky to blog about your new cellphone? Nah. I just have to show everyone how cute it is! I am not bragging, just sharing. :)

First of all, this little beauty was a steal of deal. I had been counting down the days til we were eligible on our AT&T account to get an upgrade. The date was May 3rd. I held out until May 6th. I got this thing for $19.99! That's it. No secret hidden rebates or what not. Just $20. Mind you, David came along with me and was insisting that he liked his phone and wasn't interested in an upgrade. He left Best Buy with the same Samsung Blackjack II only in shiny red and black. He folded.
Here's the view of the front. I am still getting used to texting using a whole keyboard. I am sure it'll be cool once I get the hang of it. But, so far, it's kind of a pain. But, who cares. It's cute!Here's the back. ADORABLE! This is mainly what sold me. How cute. How unique. LOVE IT. :) Fake talking on the phone has a whole new meaning. Lastly, here's the side view. Still cute. I know. Ok, I am starting to sound like a bragger. Sorry. Just wanna share the love. Oh, and they have this same one in a bright aqua-ish blue with retro squares on the back. Cute too, but not this cute. Have a good day! ......call me. ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sick Of Sewing

The sewing spree started late Saturday night with these cuties above. I was inspired by one of the blogs I stalk to make some little lavender rice hot/cold bags....so, I decided to make one for my mom and one for my mom-in-law. Little did I know that I would find them so fun to make!

So, the fun goes on and I then made myself one (perfect for all my migraines!) and then I decided to make Liam a mini one to have warmed up in his bed. So cute. It's made of soft flannel----look at the cute elephant!

I made the mistake of telling my sisters about my fun recent projects....it resulted in my oldest sister requesting that I make her 13.....count 'em 13!.....of these eye mask thingy's to be table favors for the hosting tables she's doing for her mother/daughter tea. Mind you we discussed this idea yesterday, and her tea is Saturday. Yikes.

As you can see, I accomplished all 13. In one night. It's 12:47 AM as I have recently finished...and I currently have my own rice bag which has been in the freezer around my neck right now. My back is killing me!
On top of everything else, I had to whip out a "Booby Blanket" nursing cover for an order from Bebe Leche. Unfortunately that cute Amy Butler fabric is slowly disappearing and going out of print! Sad day.
Here they are in all there glory. I must say, I am super excited I got this done tonight....now I have the rest of the week to work on other fun stuff!

Oh yeah, remember this chair from the garage sale? Well......
....here it is all snazzed up and ready to look adorable with my crafting desk. Love it! Thank you Joann Fabrics.

I should go to bed now. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Junk In The Trunk

So, to start off may I just take a moment to applaud the fact that garage sale season has arrived! Woo hoo. "Junk In The Trunk" happens to be the name of the garage sale club that I and a couple friends created. Mostly it is just fun to give something a fun name, but, we do plan on having our own logo and T-shirts to shop in every Saturday morning. Good times.

I went out last weekend with my sisters and found a few good things. But this weekend was the jackpot. Somewhere around eleven o'clock our garage sale luck was running out, so we decided to "thrift" shop; it was then when the luck got even better!

Here's a look at a few of my fun new treasures and some makeover finds (note the adorable iron pear above! So cute. It's actually a little votive candle inside).

This little cutie of a wall plaque is gonna be used to hang Winston's leashes on, as they are currently hanging with the brooms in the garage. Cute, huh?

Pretty taupe-ish shower curtain.....hoping to give our bathroom a more welcoming warm look as it is mostly ivory shades right now.

I found this cute little iron owl trivet do-dad at a random garage sale that was held in a garage that looked more like this old lady's annual business. It had signs that labeled the different "departments" and a stinkin ton of stuff on display. Most of it was old crafty stuff and Christmas decor, but I managed to find this owl for .75 and a stash of ric-rac for a buck.
I have been in need of a cream n' sugar set and also a gravy boat! Perfect. It'll go with any dinnerware set.
This candelabra was from a thrift store. I'll post more pics soon when I have it painted black and shabbied up a bit. Cute though, eh?
These were a steal. Another thrift shop find at $4.97 for the pair. Mind you these are brand new pillow shams to a duvet set that is currently at Target that I want sooooo bad. They retail for $34.99 each sham! The duvet is still like $99 in the store....maybe I will get lucky again soon and complete the set!
I love this sign. I see it all the time in cute little expensive boutiques. Not sure what I will do with it....probably just stick in my craft area or something. I love what it says....if only it were true.
These cute yellow flowers were what I was going for at one garage sale, then the lady gave me a deal and threw in the dotted milk glass vase and the ugly pink flowers. I couldn't say no. At least the yellow flowers and the vase are adorable.

Oh, and the chair was a find. It's gonna match my craft desk perfectly! I am planning on covering the seat in something pink and funky. Watch for pics of the makeover!

Here's the gang all together. Oh, those jeans hanging on the chair were a thrift shop find for David. Aeropostale jeans with tags in tact.

Needless to say, my friend Chelsea and I made out well. Not to mention we had McDonald's drive thru for breakfast in which we discovered 2 extra hash browns. Not a bad day. Stay tuned for more "Junk In The Trunk" to come!