Friday, June 5, 2009

The BIG Five year...Fabulous Friday

Wow. Five years of marriage already. It's been great. It's gone by so fast. I can honestly say that I am soooooooooo much more in love now than I was five years ago (which at the time, I didn't think was possible). But, I guess that happens when you marry your bestest friend! :)

Our special day couldn't be more perfect.....and it's not even over yet. The morning started out with David fixing a fabulous family breakfast (which he does almost every Friday or Saturday). Then, I snuck out and went and got David's wedding band engraved (I just told him I was gonna have it cleaned since it was looking mighty shabby). I had it say "I'm so glad you found me"----which is a spin off of the song he wrote for me and sang the night he proposed, entitled "I'm so glad I found you". So, yeah, pretty darn sweet. I know. :)

Anywho, his ring looks fabulous. It gets better. He bought me a super cute trendy black dress! I bought him 2 fun shirts too. :) But wait, he bought me a diamond band!!! I've been hinting at wanting a diamond band to wear below my wedding set for a while now...I kept saying "at five five years....." Well, my hinting worked! I got my beautiful sparkly bling. :)

To make the morning even better, David, Liam, Winston & I all walked across the street to our neighbors yard sale. Much to my delight I found a darling toy box/bench seat thingy for $5!!! It is so adorable (I will post pics soon!). My plan is to paint it black and make a seat cushion on the top and have it be Liam's special reading nook and toy box for his room. Darling I tell you.

David walked away from the sale carrying the bench, Liam was walking Winston, and I was carrying 5 vinyl records that David scored with (some way old U2 albums, Bruce Springsteen, and some others). He got them for a buck a piece and is planning on selling them on ebay. I love frugality that turns into a profit. Life is good.

The day only got better from here. Craigslist luck was on my side today. I check this stinking site literally like daily.....making sure I am not missing out on something fabulous. I am always checking for a train table for Liam and an old 6' folding table to do this to. I finally found one!!! It was a whopping $5.oo! I found a train table too! It's practically brand new! :)

My sister Sarah is watching Liam for the night and part of tomorrow, so we can, you know, get stuff done. Literally. Our project for the weekend is to finish making over our bedroom. Literally. We are redoing our bedroom----paint n' all. :)

So, after running fabulous Craigslist errands all around Spokane, we had a late lunch around 3:00 and by 5:00 we were falling asleep in the car (which was full of tables). We decided to head home and take a.....NAP! :) What better else to do when the kiddo is gone? SLEEP! So, yes, we took a nap around 6:30 pm. I am awake now. David is still sleeping. We are planning on doing a late dinner date out.

Awwww.....what a fabulous Friday.