Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ruffle Re-Fashion Fury!!!

Ok, so, I stalk blogs like I do...for this very reason!. Look at this adorable tutorial from Alexis at My Mama Made It. It's amazingly easy!

As soon as I saw it, I dug through my shirt drawer searching desperately for a long-sleeved tee that would work for this re-fashion. I am in love with it!!! Don't act surprised if you see me wearing ruffles on everything now!

This is me VERY happy about the way it turned out!
I made the mistake of not taking a before pic of the shirt, but I happened to have the same one in a different color, so, you'll get the idea.

Before....After....!!!! (ok, so, remember I said they're different but the same...)Ok, so I didn't mean for this to be so much of a boob shot...that's what happens when you try to get artsy when taking photos of yourself with one hand! But look at those ruffles!More ruffles....and cute scrabble tile pendant! :)
Happy Friday....I work!

To the rest of you.....Go make ruffles!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Embellish me....

So, I got a little carried away with creating a new blog header. Thanks to my friend, Leah (great name, I know!), introducing me to I had sooooo much fun doing it! It was so easy. It was like scrapbooking with all the fun embellishments right at your fingertips! Even better, there was no mess to clean up!

What do you think? Too cluttered and crazy? Let me know!

Check out the website!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Rainin' Babies!....Hallelujah

Party time! The babies are coming....

Tonight I hosted my friend, Michelle's, baby shower. Everything looked so cute! As you probably saw in my last post, I used the Martha Stewart polka dot line (which I scored for super cheap at Big Lots!) for most of the theme for the party.

I avoided awkward shower games and was too lazy to come up with word scrambles. Instead, I brought out a scale. Everyone's face was priceless when that thing showed up. It was a simple, yet fun, way to give away a prize. Everyone weighed their purses and whoever had the heaviest purse, won the prize. :) Simple. Sweet. Then I did another purse game where you had to find things in your purse that began with the letters of the baby's name, K-Y-L-E-A-H. That was fun and quick. Lastly, I set the timer for 15 minutes when we started opening presents. When the timer went off, whoever brought the gift that Michelle was currently unwrapping, you guessed it, won a prize. Short and sweet. I know. But, that was what was nice about it. More time to eat and chat.
Cute cute cupcakes! Cupcakes are cute. But, cupcakes with flags? Come on now. SO adorable. More credit goes to Martha.
My own personal plug for Bebe-Leche! She's opening her Booby Blanket nursing cover. :) Check us out!

The big group of ladies. 17 of us total. Perfect size.
My super cute friend, Cindy. She is also expecting and is due in 2 weeks! She looks amazing. I am helping with her baby shower 2 days from now. Fun fun!
Not sure why I am showing you napkins, but, they are another Martha Stewart bargain, I must.
The favor basket.
This picture is too cute! The letters were cutout leftovers from the Cricut project! Chelsea arranged them so cute with the candles.
Cute book I found that has funny little drawings and saying about the miseries of pregnancy. Everybody chose a page that they related to while being pregnant and wrote a personal message to Michelle.
Cute Cricut cut out.....thanks to Michelle (guest of honor). I had to use her Cricut to make a bunch of stuff for her own shower! How lame am I? I know. I just went over to her house and wouldn't let her come upstairs while I used her stuff. Hmmmmm...hint hint....this should be a subtle idea for my upcoming birthday present. David, are you reading this? :)

The magic Cricut cut out. Thank you Michelle. I stamped the polka dots on the white letters. They needed a pop. And the ribbon? Matched perfectly!

More lanterns hanging above the drink station. Notice my Liam shrine wall. He's so cute. :)
Party favors in the basket were chocolate dipped shortbread cookies.

The cute spread. My friend Chelsea hand painted that cute bowl! She's pretty awesome!

Michelle's (mommy-to-be) special seat of honor with a canopy hung special for her!
Cute glass votives with pink flowers and polka dots.....thank you, Dollartree.
Paper lanterns I found at Joann's for $1 each. The dotted garland was a Martha Stewart find that went along with the cupcake toppers and party favors.I stole this sign from my little sis who happens to be stocking up on baby decor, even though she isn't pregnant and doesn't have any babies....yet. :) Thanks sis! Oh, and the flower was attached with a glue dot to cover up the sticky spot where the price tag left some grime. Chelsea's brilliant idea (she loves to embellish).
Cute personalized candy bars. Another thanks to Martha for coming up with stinkin adorable stuff and offering print wizards online to teach us how to make them personal! We love you, Martha.....even though you are a criminal, we love you.
More of the table set up. The fruit was watermelon and cantaloupe balls that matched the colors of the shower perfectly and stayed consistent with the polka dot theme.
Michelle and me. My hair was a disaster, I know. But, this was at the end of the shower and after the clean up. I was pretty much a wreck. She looks so cute pregnant! She only has 4 weeks left and she still has ankles and a happy glow. Oh to look that good in the last days of expecting....

All in all, it was a good shower with good friends honoring a fabulously sweet girl! Love you Michelle! May you have that baby early....;)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thank you, Martha...

I realize that it has been forever since I last posted anything. However, my life has been crazy busy lately and has yet to slow down. Traveling, a constant flow of company, a sudden boom in Bebe-Leche business, LIAM and his daily adventures of pooping in the tub, church events, birthday parties, and last, but not least, party planning. Yes, I am getting ready for a big baby shower for a dear friend. I am hosting the shower at my house on Sunday night.

I wanted to post something, so, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into what I've been up to. The above picture is my inspiration for the entire shower. I actually scored big time on most of the stuff pictured above (thank you, Martha) for $2 a package at Big Lots! Martha Stewart? At Big Lots? I know, right?!!! Awesome. It's gonna be super cute.

Anywho, I will hopefully get a chance to take some good pics of it all and I will have some more to post! Until then.....enjoy the sunshine.