Saturday, December 5, 2009

Everyone is doing it....

I assume most of you have seen these wreaths by now, that is, if you're an avid blog stalker like me. But, if not, I had to share this fun craft!
Super cheap and pretty simple. Start with some cheap plastic christmas ball ornaments. I found all these at the Dollartree. The Dollartree, by the way, has the most amazing ornaments this year! So glittery and pretty. They have hot pink, purple, green, you name it! But by the time I picked these up, it was slim pickins. However, this entire wreath cost me around $8. Not bad.

You'll need a wire hanger (I read that plastic coated is best, which is what I happened to find in my closet....score!), some ribbon, pliers, and possible glue gun.

Well, the glue gun......I read everywhere to take the time to glue the tops securely to the bulbs so that they won't pop off while you're working with them....but, did I listen? No. It did result in losing like 7 bulbs by the end. Oh well.

Bend the wire hanger into a round shape, if it's not plastic coated, it may be harder to bend. That's when your hubby comes in with the pliers. Oh, and I had him snip off the curly twisted part that was left-----ornaments wouldn't fit over the twists and turns.

Then you just start to loop the ornaments onto the hang (though the little topper holes). It's fun to use different sizes of bulbs to give more dimension....another thing I learned from copying everyone else on cyber space that did this.

Oh, and it takes a lot more ornaments than you would think to fill one hanger up. So buy extras!Making progress.....Starting to take shape and become glittery pretty!.......Sparkles.....Done! I figured that since I didn't follow the hot glue instructions and had already lost several bulbs....I wouldn't bother hanging this on the front door. I could see it ending in a disastrous mess everytime the door shut. So, I opted for the dining room window.Not bad. Not as big as I had envisioned, but I got tired of doing it and was running out of bulbs, so I called it good. Oh, and it helps to have your hubby shape it closed with some pliers. I tried myself and it wasn't happening. However, him man-handling it did result in the loss of 2 more bulbs. So, if you see naked bare spots, that's why.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Super cute! I have no idea how to find other blogs, so if you can find one that has great ideas on things to make for your mother-in-law let me know! I still have my parents and Brad's parents left on the list. =0(

  2. That looks great! I've been wanting to do this wreath too...and the rolled-up paper wreath...and the traditional 'use up your greens that were cut off the bottom of your tree' wreath and....


  3. Hey, it looks great!! Mine looks similar but I thought I had to completely cover the hanger at the top so I wrapped the ribbon around it a bunch and then glued a bow in the middle. Hmm...interesting. I like where you hung it, it is impossible to hang from a nail because it sticks out so much. Well, good job. I made two and the second one was better, thanks for spurring me on and "being the wind beneath my wings!" LOL

  4. This is Rachel btw, I was signed in as Ky. Haha, don't have the hang of this think yet.