Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Hello there. I am coming to you with great news and a smile on my face. Within the last 2 weeks I have experienced more fabulously-unbelievable sales.

Let me take you back, way back to November. My most amazing steal-of-a-deal finds happened while casually taking a gander at Old Navy. First of all, I never, ever, even so much as pause at any item in a store that is not tagged with bright orange/red/or yellow (however, don't let the color fool you, there are sales that exist in black and white). My greatest find that day happened to be multiple pairs of shoes. These amazing shoes were marked down to.....are you ready for this.........47 cents a pair! Yes, that's right, 47 cents. The rack of shoes was full. I noticed other people grazing through the other decent sale racks but no one seemed to bother to check out the shoes. Later that night I checked out oldnavy.com to see what sales they had going on there. The same shoes I bought for so freakin cheap were $19.99 online. Poor suckers who paid that. Needless to say, I bought 5 pairs for myself, and about 6 more for my sisters. My husband was proud. That's a good day.

Most recently, my luck has not run out but grown. I had a run in with some outrageous deals at TJMaxx last week. I bought 2 dresses at $3.00/each, an adorable satin-blousey top for 70 cents, and a pair of dress capris for $1.00. Not to mention I splurged on the most adorable ironing board cover I have ever seen ($12.99 for a bubblegum pink polka dot beauty of a cover). It completes my sewing area. Ok, back to the bargains......

A couple weeks back I stumbled upon a Queen sheet set by Woolrich in chocolate brown flannel for $3.24. I couldn't believe it! Especially because so many of the others were marked on sale for $19.99. However, once I got them home I noticed that the packaging had a perfect slice down the front! But, I checked the sheets and the only damage I discovered was a button-hole like slice on the hem of the top sheet. No biggie.....still a bargain worth babbling about!

Ok, so, this brings me to last night's finds. I was at JCPenney's and they were having a "Green Sale-Final Clearance Blowout". Dozens of sale racks were marked at a whopping $4.97! But wait, it gets better....there were dozens of racks also marked at $1.97!!!! Yippee. These $1.97 racks were throughout the store in nearly every department. Needless to say, I bought some clothes adding up to over $300.00 and only spent $16.72!

I'll leave you with that, my friends. That is a good day.