Thursday, January 28, 2010

Royal Throne---Feeling Like A Queen!

My week has been filled with lots of potty talk, treats, stickers, accidents, and so so sooooooo much JOY. :)

I was praying Monday morning while I was in the shower (ok, so, honestly it was more like afternoon) about Liam's potty training and whether or not to start trying again. David and I attempted a few months ago right when Liam turned 2, only to find out he was SO NOT ready and the whole weekend attempt ended in tears....on all sides. So we decided not to push and held off.

Well, I was praying for discipline for David and I to be consistent with sticking to it when we do start up again. But I also prayed specifically for Liam to be MOTIVATED to go on the potty.

No joke, probably an hour or two later, Liam wanted an oatmeal cookie (that David so graciously got twisted into making from scratch the other night). I saw this tiny toddler's humble request for sugar as an open door, so I made a deal with him. If he would try to go potty, then he could have a cookie. Thinking nothing of it, I helped him onto his "Royal Potty" which makes music when he is "successful"....and was soon informed that he wanted the door shut. Ok, easy enough, he's just gonna play around for a while and then be done. I ran down stairs to check my email while he hung out on the throne....a couple seconds later I hear the trumpets sound and some majestic tune followed by a cute little voice yelling "I did it Mommy!"

I sprinted up the stairs...somewhat nervous because he knows how to make this potty make music by tipping it upside down and pushing the music button underneath....and he also tells me "he did it" every time, even when he doesn't go. But, this time, it was for real!

I have never been so excited over seeing urine! I jumped up and down screaming and clapping! He got a sticker to add to his potty chart, lots of high fives, a special phone call to daddy, and of course, the much desired and deserved cookie.

Making a long story even longer....he continued to want to go potty about 4 more times in a span of 1o minutes. The day resulted in about 10+ successful pottys on the toilet, and even ended with a quick outing in the car in which he stayed dry in his undies!

He also has a special football toilet seat that sits on the regular toilet. He calls this the "big one" and now chooses it every time but likes to follow up with the Royal throne....for music's sake.
Running out of oatmeal cookies, I had to get creative with rewards.

Tiny marshmallows that were partially stale were added to the list....As were broken pieces of a rainbow candy cane leftover from Christmas....highly motivating.
This little guy has been sporting many a pair of fashionable undies, which I think look adorable on him! The week has been filled with so much pottying success! We are on day 4, he has had a couple accidents at home. He has made 3 big outings in public (including library story time, trip to the playground with friends, and dinner at a restaurant) and done great! Staying dry every time. He even let the nursery workers at church last night take him potty!

I am proud of my boy, but even more so am amazed at how quickly God heard my cry for help and came to my rescue :) Every now and then an immediate answer to a seemingly unimportant prayer is just what we need to be reminded that He does listen and does care about the small things. Thank you, God.

Pooping on the potty will be another story and require another special prayer.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Darn you, sugar....

If you've ever been can relate...

Remember this stuff?
Particularly the nasty orange flavored one. Yeah, you know the stuff. Anywho, I had my dreaded glucose test a couple weeks ago and survived.

However, last week at my regular ob check up, I made the mistake about asking what the results were....the Dr. so cordially responded by saying "135". That number means nothing to me....other than currently wishing that was my weight, but not so much. So, she then added that back in the day "140" for the glucose test was considered ok, but now they like to see "130". I laughed and said "Oh, so I'm just in the middle!"

She informed me that it's probably fine, but is going to send me to the lab to do the dreaded 3-hour testing! Ya know the one....the one where you have to hang out at the blood lab for 3 hours, while they take your blood every hour! All while being empty-stomached other than the refreshing sugar drink they supply you with!!! Yeah, so that happens on Friday. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to it.
On the upside, my sister reminded me of a good part....I get to hang out in a room with a couch and TV ALONE for 3 hours! Three hours of peace and quiet sounds kinda nice....I think I will bring a book and make the best of it...I wonder if I can sneak in some snacks...? Kidding. :)

Wish me luck on Friday!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thinking PINK....

Don't get all excited....NO, this post isn't referring to the sex of my girl in sight yet. It's still very much a boy as far as I know...

However, I did so happen to fall in love with some girly hot pink spray paint yesterday! It got me thinking...."what can I possibly spray paint hot pink?" Well, I came up with something!

I've had this wreath up on my door for Christmas time....and I figured it wasn't THAT christmasy so I could keep it up a little longer. But!.....the cold weather apparently "popped" the majority of my little berries...leaving ugly white styrofoam in it's place.

See! Ugly. Well, I've seen other cheap crafty people via cyber space simply spray paint these berry wreaths. I've even seen someone touch up the popped berries with nail polish. But, I was determined to use the hot pink spray paint!
I couldn't justify dropping like $4 on a full sized can of hot pink spray paint for this one project....then I laid my eyes on this little cutie! Ringing in at $2.69 and just the right size!I broke off and rubbed off the berries that were too crackled and nasty to spray around, then I got to work. I gave it one really good coat, then when it dried, I flipped it over and got the backsides of the berries....then I ran out of paint, just in time.
Grabbed my glue gun, some super cute red houndstooth (I LOVE all things houndstooth) wired ribbon that I scored at Michael's for 80% off, a cute little glittery word that says "love" for .20 at Michael's (more Christmas clearance) and started to assemble my Valentine's Day wreath.I looped the ribbon through the wreath and up and over my wreath gluing the ribbon to the top of the over-the-door part....glued the "love" word onto a few berry sprigs (we'll see how long before it falls off...there wasn't a very good surface to attach it to) and hung her on the door!
What do you think?"Goodbye" ugly-styrofoam-exposed-washed-up Christmas wreath!
"Welcome", Valentine's Day and the month of LOVE.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shnazzy Shoes...

Ok, so, I know it's been over a month since my last post...but life has been busy and nothing too exciting to blog about.

Then again...there's always shoes....

The first pair I found at Old Navy on clearance for $5.97...I know...a splurge for me...but they were so cute and I was already on a clearance high...and since I had bought a couple shirts at $.47 each...I figured I could up the price on the shoes a bit. And since this winter weather has been somewhat of a joke...I have already bared the cold and worn them out! Crazy, I know. But my feet looked cute!

The second zebra sparkle shoes were actually a Christmas present from David's parents! I LOVE them. So funky and different. I have worn those several times already too....who needs spring?

Lastly, I found these cute leather fringe flip-flops at Old Navy for a whopping $.97!!! I bought 2 pairs (not 36 pairs like the last mega shoe find at Old Navy...since I never really sold many of them). I got a pink pair and a brown pair! I will have to wait til spring to pull these off...but, I already have the perfect outfit to wear them with! Can't wait. :)
May you too find some $.50-$1.00 shoes today!