Saturday, May 22, 2010

This So Called Life.

Well, gosh, it's hard to find the time to update this ol' blog.

Life has been busy with 2. Liam is doing well and loves his "baby brudder". He has been doing awesome being potty trained---but has experienced a few accidents here and there since Ollie was born. He also somehow managed to find an old binky of his that he now likes to "play" with. Not so cute seeing a 2 1/2 year old trying to talk with a binky in his mouth...but, hey, it keeps him busy and he thinks he's pretty cool to have something like Ollie. Thankfully he just carries it around most of the time and it doesn't go anywhere other than home. Liam has started referring to David and me as "Honey". Also pretty cute.

I cannot believe my sweet little Oliver is already creeping up on 2 months! Seriously? Where did the time go? If someone finds it, please let me know.

Oliver started smiling....which I should be writing in his baby book....if I had a baby book...I would write it down. I find myself giving Ollie the dreadful "2nd child treatment" that I always said I wouldn't. He has no baby book, and I am already behind on taking photos.

Poor Ollie. Poor 2nd borners out there. Poor me.

I am beginning to feel like a REAL mom. Finally. Two kids laters, it's kicking in. By the end of the day, I literally have spit up on more than one piece of my clothing, paint on random parts of my body from trying to get a wild 2 year old who loves to paint....himself...into the bath tub, I've yelled, screamed, and pulled Liam off of his brother for being too "affectionate", I keep finding toys, bills, junk mail, magazines, and thank you cards that needed to be mailed months ago all adorning one small coffee table, KIX cereal scattered under the kitchen table, KIX cereal scattered on top of the kitchen table, and finally crawling into bed only to be stabbed in the back by Thomas and Lightening McQueen, then being quickly summoned by Oliver who's crying the "binky-just-fell-out-of-my-mouth-and-it-woke-me-up" cry.

Somehow, I've kept myself together----even though the house suffers and recovers then suffers again. Kudos to my mom and all moms who have more than 2 kids. I dunno how you do it.

Life is different with two. Busier? Yes. Better?....Getting there. Wouldn't trade Oliver for the world, but life is busy.

Lots of people asked me before Oliver was born whether or not I thought it would be hard to love him as much as I love Liam. It's a valid question....but I can honestly say, I am SO in love with little Ollie. I am SO in love with big boy Liam. And I am SO in love with my handsome David. Never knew it was possible to love 3 boys SO much. But I do.

I am blessed.

Now, on that sappy happy note, I will leave with this....a video of Liam's affectionate displays and a video of Ollie's sweet smiles.

Monday, May 3, 2010

...and baby makes 4...

As you can imagine...I am very busy, so I haven't had any time to actually blog about my most recent adventure: the addition to our family. So, I will keep this short, as I should be napping right now.

Oliver Duncan
April 6, 2010 @ 9:02 PM
8 lbs 2 oz
20 1/2 inches long

Stay tuned for more photos, the actual birth announcement, the completed nursery, the birth story and of course some recent crafts! :)

Now, I gotta go sleep...