Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Darn you, sugar....

If you've ever been pregnant....you can relate...

Remember this stuff?
Particularly the nasty orange flavored one. Yeah, you know the stuff. Anywho, I had my dreaded glucose test a couple weeks ago and survived.

However, last week at my regular ob check up, I made the mistake about asking what the results were....the Dr. so cordially responded by saying "135". That number means nothing to me....other than currently wishing that was my weight, but not so much. So, she then added that back in the day "140" for the glucose test was considered ok, but now they like to see "130". I laughed and said "Oh, so I'm just in the middle!"

She informed me that it's probably fine, but is going to send me to the lab to do the dreaded 3-hour testing! Ya know the one....the one where you have to hang out at the blood lab for 3 hours, while they take your blood every hour! All while being empty-stomached other than the refreshing sugar drink they supply you with!!! Yeah, so that happens on Friday. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to it.
On the upside, my sister reminded me of a good part....I get to hang out in a room with a couch and TV ALONE for 3 hours! Three hours of peace and quiet sounds kinda nice....I think I will bring a book and make the best of it...I wonder if I can sneak in some snacks...? Kidding. :)

Wish me luck on Friday!

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