Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thinking PINK....

Don't get all excited....NO, this post isn't referring to the sex of my girl in sight yet. It's still very much a boy as far as I know...

However, I did so happen to fall in love with some girly hot pink spray paint yesterday! It got me thinking...."what can I possibly spray paint hot pink?" Well, I came up with something!

I've had this wreath up on my door for Christmas time....and I figured it wasn't THAT christmasy so I could keep it up a little longer. But!.....the cold weather apparently "popped" the majority of my little berries...leaving ugly white styrofoam in it's place.

See! Ugly. Well, I've seen other cheap crafty people via cyber space simply spray paint these berry wreaths. I've even seen someone touch up the popped berries with nail polish. But, I was determined to use the hot pink spray paint!
I couldn't justify dropping like $4 on a full sized can of hot pink spray paint for this one project....then I laid my eyes on this little cutie! Ringing in at $2.69 and just the right size!I broke off and rubbed off the berries that were too crackled and nasty to spray around, then I got to work. I gave it one really good coat, then when it dried, I flipped it over and got the backsides of the berries....then I ran out of paint, just in time.
Grabbed my glue gun, some super cute red houndstooth (I LOVE all things houndstooth) wired ribbon that I scored at Michael's for 80% off, a cute little glittery word that says "love" for .20 at Michael's (more Christmas clearance) and started to assemble my Valentine's Day wreath.I looped the ribbon through the wreath and up and over my wreath gluing the ribbon to the top of the over-the-door part....glued the "love" word onto a few berry sprigs (we'll see how long before it falls off...there wasn't a very good surface to attach it to) and hung her on the door!
What do you think?"Goodbye" ugly-styrofoam-exposed-washed-up Christmas wreath!
"Welcome", Valentine's Day and the month of LOVE.


  1. The amazing Leah has struck again!

  2. Super cute! Me and my un-crafty self would have just tossed the old wreath in the garbage. Way to recycle.