Saturday, November 21, 2009

I've been busy....

I have been googling like a mad-woman. I got a little carried away with my Amy Butler gray and mustard martini dot fabric crush.......

Apparently, gray and yellow is all the rage right, let me show what I fell in love with online:

Reminder of the inspiration fabric for the room:

Two adorable Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags: still feminine enough to feel cute lugging it around all day, but neutral enough for a boy or a girl.
Adorable gray and yellow artwork! I love it!

Look at the cute alphabet art! So CUTE! And of course the lanterns are adorable as well!
Cute chair! Cute room, a little too elegant/girly, but you get the idea with the color schemes....

Ok, love the bedskirt on the crib. Check out the cute birds on the ceiling! So chic!
Love this bedding all around.....

More cute fabric, who doesn't love houndstooth?

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this room! I love the colors of the walls and the chunky gray and white stripes! So cute, clean, and chic!

Another fabulous Amy Butler fabric, Gray Wallflower. We've made nursing covers out of this for moms of baby boys. The mom has the right to have some girly-ness while breastfeeding! :) This is the perfect pattern for it, feminine but not princessy pink.
So, this is some random couples save the date card, but wouldn't it be cute as a birth announcement! If I were to stay with the whole gray and yellow kick.....

Ok, these last couple are just for fun. Imagine how cute I would look sitting in my baby's grey and yellow room wearing this darling duo! I will still coordinate perfectly if I went out with my PPB diaper bag, and nursed in public with my AB wallflower booby blanket!

And this.....just look at! Need I say more. :)

I am loving the gray and yellow.
Stay tuned next week, I may have changed my mind.
"Happy Weekend" everyone!

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  1. It's have gone MAD!!!! :)

    But of course I love it all!