Friday, December 4, 2009

It's coming....

I can't believe it's almost here....

I am starting to freak out and get a little anxiety....

I am sure everyone feels the same way, and I am talking about "Christmas" here, although the "baby-coming-freak-out" will soon be approaching as well.

However, I did get the inside of the house decorated, made some homemade glazed sugar cookies, and have some shopping done....
But, I still have lots of shopping to do, very little (if any) money to do it....yikes.
Time to get creative!

Reminding myself, Jesus is the Reason for the Season (so cliche, yet so true).
Happy shopping, baking, decorating, and freaking out to all of you!

1 comment:

  1. Leah, it's rare, especially in today's society, for a person to shine with such beauty on both the inside and the outside, and you truly do. I'm so blessed to know you, and so very happy we've reconnected. I missed you, terribly, and I love you so much. I always enjoy your blogs, and the pictures and the amazing creativity that you spin :0)

    Happy Holiday's Woll family!