Monday, November 9, 2009

Ruffle Re-Fashion Fury #2

I was finally feeling crafty....again and late at night as usual. It ended up in quite the refashion!

I had this blah brown-turtle neck-baby doll top, that didn't really fit right, had long sleeves and was just plain frumpy. Well....I saw beyond the brown mass and envisioned something cuter!

Because I always forget to take before pics, here's one I stole from online. It's not brown and not very frumpy, but you get the idea:
So, using the same technique that I learned from the last ruffle refashion post (the gray tank top), I hacked off the sleeves, cut out the awful turtleneck, turned the sleeves into one big long ruffle and simply sewed the ruffle onto the new neckline!

Since the fabric is like a cotton t-shirt fabric, you can have raw edges that won't unravel! So basicly you just cut and do some very minor sewing! I love the new frilly elegant sleeveless look of it! And since it's empire waist, it's perfect for maternity wear! :)

Be inspired and go cut something up, and turn it into ruffles!