Thursday, November 19, 2009

I was wrong......

.....and so were the rest you.

Well, looks like I'll be suing the chinese lunar calendar for giving me false information. :)

Kidding, we did, however, find out today that baby #2 is a little boy! Much to everyone's surprise, I am totally OK about this and am actually quite excited. David and I have always wanted 2 boys and 1 girl. So, when the time comes for trying for a 3rd, get serious and PRAY. :)

Ok, all jokes aside. I am literally starting at square one for any sort of mental thoughts of boy room decor. I still want to go with white furniture as Liam will be taking his black furniture with him into his new room.

I have been googling nurseries all day and haven't been very successful or seen anything I love. However, I am still in love with the IKEA pendant lamp that you all think looks like fake fingernails and I know I want to go modern-chic (nothing baby-ish).
So far, I am currently liking another Amy Butler fabric:
I think it would be so cute with slate/gray walls or even the mustard color. Even cuter with the white furniture! Anywho, that's what I am thinking at this moment, I am sure it will change tomorrow.

But, I will leave you with this fun video of my sweet baby boy (we're keeping his name a secret til he's born---that way we can dodge the name critics) who currently looks like a fossil-skeleton creature, but still darn cute. :)


  1. Oh Leah! Isn't it fun to see a perfectly formed baby already inside! So precious. Love the decor and colors, post pictures when you're done with his room! =0)

  2. Leah I am SO happy for you and David and Liam! Goodness, it's so funny to think how badly your Dad always rooted for a boy and got four amazing daughters (that I KNOW he adores and loves) and now you poppin out the boys :0) haha! Maybe you'll be the opposite of Rach? ;0) ;0) two girls and a boy vs. two boys and a girl :0D God is good, a healthy baby Woll is ALL that any of us want :0) You're such a wonderful beautiful mother Leah :0)

  3. Congratulations Leah!! Love the Amy Butler fabric inspiration! You are so crafty I'm sure his room will be AMAZING!