Monday, May 4, 2009

Junk In The Trunk

So, to start off may I just take a moment to applaud the fact that garage sale season has arrived! Woo hoo. "Junk In The Trunk" happens to be the name of the garage sale club that I and a couple friends created. Mostly it is just fun to give something a fun name, but, we do plan on having our own logo and T-shirts to shop in every Saturday morning. Good times.

I went out last weekend with my sisters and found a few good things. But this weekend was the jackpot. Somewhere around eleven o'clock our garage sale luck was running out, so we decided to "thrift" shop; it was then when the luck got even better!

Here's a look at a few of my fun new treasures and some makeover finds (note the adorable iron pear above! So cute. It's actually a little votive candle inside).

This little cutie of a wall plaque is gonna be used to hang Winston's leashes on, as they are currently hanging with the brooms in the garage. Cute, huh?

Pretty taupe-ish shower curtain.....hoping to give our bathroom a more welcoming warm look as it is mostly ivory shades right now.

I found this cute little iron owl trivet do-dad at a random garage sale that was held in a garage that looked more like this old lady's annual business. It had signs that labeled the different "departments" and a stinkin ton of stuff on display. Most of it was old crafty stuff and Christmas decor, but I managed to find this owl for .75 and a stash of ric-rac for a buck.
I have been in need of a cream n' sugar set and also a gravy boat! Perfect. It'll go with any dinnerware set.
This candelabra was from a thrift store. I'll post more pics soon when I have it painted black and shabbied up a bit. Cute though, eh?
These were a steal. Another thrift shop find at $4.97 for the pair. Mind you these are brand new pillow shams to a duvet set that is currently at Target that I want sooooo bad. They retail for $34.99 each sham! The duvet is still like $99 in the store....maybe I will get lucky again soon and complete the set!
I love this sign. I see it all the time in cute little expensive boutiques. Not sure what I will do with it....probably just stick in my craft area or something. I love what it says....if only it were true.
These cute yellow flowers were what I was going for at one garage sale, then the lady gave me a deal and threw in the dotted milk glass vase and the ugly pink flowers. I couldn't say no. At least the yellow flowers and the vase are adorable.

Oh, and the chair was a find. It's gonna match my craft desk perfectly! I am planning on covering the seat in something pink and funky. Watch for pics of the makeover!

Here's the gang all together. Oh, those jeans hanging on the chair were a thrift shop find for David. Aeropostale jeans with tags in tact.

Needless to say, my friend Chelsea and I made out well. Not to mention we had McDonald's drive thru for breakfast in which we discovered 2 extra hash browns. Not a bad day. Stay tuned for more "Junk In The Trunk" to come!


  1. I LOVE IT! I love your blog, how crafty you are, all your amazing finds and creative make over ideas, I can't wait to see what you do with it all! Ugh I'm so glad you blogged! :0) With all that travelin you've been doin I know you haven't had much time to do anything :0) SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!

  2. LOVE IT! I wish I was closer to you--you could teach me the ways!

  3. Can anyone join you on your Junk in the Trunk excursions from time to time?