Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sick Of Sewing

The sewing spree started late Saturday night with these cuties above. I was inspired by one of the blogs I stalk to make some little lavender rice hot/cold bags....so, I decided to make one for my mom and one for my mom-in-law. Little did I know that I would find them so fun to make!

So, the fun goes on and I then made myself one (perfect for all my migraines!) and then I decided to make Liam a mini one to have warmed up in his bed. So cute. It's made of soft flannel----look at the cute elephant!

I made the mistake of telling my sisters about my fun recent projects....it resulted in my oldest sister requesting that I make her 13.....count 'em 13!.....of these eye mask thingy's to be table favors for the hosting tables she's doing for her mother/daughter tea. Mind you we discussed this idea yesterday, and her tea is Saturday. Yikes.

As you can see, I accomplished all 13. In one night. It's 12:47 AM as I have recently finished...and I currently have my own rice bag which has been in the freezer around my neck right now. My back is killing me!
On top of everything else, I had to whip out a "Booby Blanket" nursing cover for an order from Bebe Leche. Unfortunately that cute Amy Butler fabric is slowly disappearing and going out of print! Sad day.
Here they are in all there glory. I must say, I am super excited I got this done tonight....now I have the rest of the week to work on other fun stuff!

Oh yeah, remember this chair from the garage sale? Well......
....here it is all snazzed up and ready to look adorable with my crafting desk. Love it! Thank you Joann Fabrics.

I should go to bed now. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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