Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shiny New Toy

Is it totally tacky to blog about your new cellphone? Nah. I just have to show everyone how cute it is! I am not bragging, just sharing. :)

First of all, this little beauty was a steal of deal. I had been counting down the days til we were eligible on our AT&T account to get an upgrade. The date was May 3rd. I held out until May 6th. I got this thing for $19.99! That's it. No secret hidden rebates or what not. Just $20. Mind you, David came along with me and was insisting that he liked his phone and wasn't interested in an upgrade. He left Best Buy with the same Samsung Blackjack II only in shiny red and black. He folded.
Here's the view of the front. I am still getting used to texting using a whole keyboard. I am sure it'll be cool once I get the hang of it. But, so far, it's kind of a pain. But, who cares. It's cute!Here's the back. ADORABLE! This is mainly what sold me. How cute. How unique. LOVE IT. :) Fake talking on the phone has a whole new meaning. Lastly, here's the side view. Still cute. I know. Ok, I am starting to sound like a bragger. Sorry. Just wanna share the love. Oh, and they have this same one in a bright aqua-ish blue with retro squares on the back. Cute too, but not this cute. Have a good day! ......call me. ;)

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