Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Has Spring Sprung?

Is it true? Has the weather finally taken a turn for the better? Well, we at least pretended it was here to stay last night! David, Liam and I ventured to the park. It was gorgeous outside! We didn't get there til after 6 and the sun was still bright and warm. I whipped out the ol' picnic basket and packed it with the closest to picnic like food we happened to have lying around. I did, however, happen to bring some dino-nuggets along for Liam....which by the way, he refused to eat them once we got there. His dinner consisted of fruit snacks and a banana.

He played with me and then tackled daddy for a while....Then he proceeded to run away...The face of mischief!Daddy took him over to the pond to throw some rocks. He LOVES doing this. I didn't get pictures of his melt down when this fun father-son time had to come to a close. It wasn't pretty. Leaving the park and heading for the bikes...David was very excited to get out on the bikes. We bought this bike trailer last summer from Craigslist....let's just say it's kind of a piece of crap..... and well....we didn't get too far and the bike ride ended in a crying toddler, an angry mommy and a very disappointed daddy. It was a good effort. Maybe next time. Enjoy your sunny Tuesday! Perhaps a family bike ride? Nah.

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