Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Something's a cookin.....

Well in case you haven't heard.....there's a bun in my oven. Yep, it's true, baby no. 2 is due to arrive April 10th.
Anywho, here's a peek of what's cookin.......this is "her" at 10 weeks.
This is me at 10 1/2 weeks......
I have heard it said that you "pop" much quicker the second time around. Geez, no kidding! I totally look like I am already 6 months prego. I am only 3! Apparently your stomach muscles remember what happened last time, so they just give up early and let nature take it's course.

As you all probably know, I am dead-set on having a girl. :) And, according to the chinese lunar will be (let's just pretend that the chinese lunar calendar is somewhat scientific and 100% accurate, ok?). So, I already have the nursery planned out in my mind. Amy Butler and her gorgeous fabrics will play a big part in all of it. And so will IKEA, and craigslist (second babies get the used stuff, I would know).
I LOVE this Amy Butler fabric.....!!! It's so far the inspiration for the room. Picture it as the bedding! Beautiful.
This IKEA lamp (which David calls the "fake fingernail" lamp) would be the main light fixture in the room. It totally resembles the scallop-y detail of the Amy Butler print! Love it.
As for the crib, I am thinking something white, and something convertible, that "she" can have and use all growing up. Liam has a legacy crib in black. They're awesome.

Keep your eyes peeled for something like this via craigslist this time ;)

Anywho, dream with me and think positive thoughts for a GIRL.

Until later....


  1. Congrats David, Leah, Liam! I'm so thrilled for you all and I hope hope hope for a girl for you! How EXCITING! (I totally loved the lamp until you shared David's comment and now all I see is a whole bunch of large fake nails LOL)

  2. Hey Leah! I'm sure Chels has told you, but I am pregnant too, and guess what?? I'm due April 11th!! That is too crazy! Congratulations and I will be thinking girly thought about your little one! If you haven't already seen it, Chels talked me into starting a pregnancy blog so you can check it out too if you want...

    I heard you had another appointment today... and were going to "beg" the tech to make a prediction! What did they say?? Boy or girl??

  3. You are way too cute! I'm loving the ideas though... And I'm pretty if the Chinese lunar calendar says it then it must be true... no way around it! ;)