Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another year older....

Discovering that my birthday was to land on a Sunday was a wee-bit disappointing considering that I wake up alone every Sunday since David likes to get to the church practically at the crack of dawn (he's a hardworking worship & arts pastor). However, looking back, every special occasion that lands on a Sunday always starts well. While I may be alone, every special Sunday, I wake up, realize what "holiday" it is and jump out of bed, come around the hallway and lay eyes upon my pleasant surprise that David so fabulously leaves for me.

This time it was this beautiful bouquet of flowers, a sweet card from David, and an adorable handmade card from Liam (with the help of daddy). So special. After church, lunch, and a much needed and deserved (since it's my b-day n' all) nap, we headed out for birthday fun. I got my FREE coffee from Dutch Bros (I know I am a cheapskate, but I am proud of it). I got maybe a couple of sips out of a delicious DECAF almond joy blended coffee snazzed up with whipped cream....until Liam started freaking out in the car yelling "cotti! cotti! peeez, cotti?" Yes, our almost 2 year old loves "cotti". Thankfully it was decaf, but he seriously freaks out about it. We went to starbucks late the other night and I didn't finish my DECAF skinny vanilla latte before we went to bed. I apparently left it on the table because the next morning I found Liam sitting at the dining room table eating his toast and holding his starbucks "cotti". The only thing missing was a pair of slippers and a newspaper.

Anywho, I didn't mean to veer off on a tangent, back to the birthday, back to ME. :)
David had put together a fun dinner party for me at Red Robin where we met up with a few friends and I got to use my FREE birthday burger coupon. I highly recommend taking advantage of FREE burgers once a year.

David wanted me to open a present from him first, so I did....there are pictures to follow, narrating my husband's sick and clever since of humor....

Opening the present and slightly annoyed that David is making a scene by standing up walking around trying to get all these pictures.....
I opened it up. It was a cute black scrapbook with a white damask print on the front. Not bad, good job David! He insists that I open up the scrapbook and says he got it started for me already.

Getting excited I'm thinking, "Oh my gosh, my husband probably took some cute pics of Liam and I and tried his hand at scrapbooking! How sweet".....remember, these were JUST thoughts....

Instead, this is what I found: a ziploc baggy holding a smashed gutsy looking bug of some sort.....I was sooooooooooooo confused and SOOOOO grossed out and slightly embarrassed at this point, thinking "Is my husband some kind of sick minded psycho gift giver?"......Then he explained, these were his words:"Since I couldn't get you a Cricut, I got you a grasshopper!" Funny and clever, yet still slightly sick and twisted. He made me laugh. :)What to my surprise ;), was my real gift? An actual Cricut! Wahoo! David coordinated with friends and family to do a gift pool on getting me a much coveted and desired Cricut machine.
Despite the crazy loud restaurant, the fact that Liam was acting more like a devil child by throwing everything in reach, a rude waitress and a smashed grasshopper in a body bag joining us for dinner, it ended well and I was very happy turning 26!

Thank you everybody, and I love you, David....oh so much!


  1. I should mention that no animals were harmed...needlessly...for the making of this sick joke. I decapitated the little grasshopper instead of letting him suffocate in the bag. Don't know if it worked all the way, since he kept kicking for a while.

    Oh, the things I do for the people I love...

    Happy birthday, Leah.

    Hope you enjoy your Cricut.

  2. Great story! Loved reading it. You look so happy in your pictures. I'm glad you got spoiled.

  3. Yay! No more late nights cranking out cut-outs on other people's machines!!! =0) So fun!