Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ruffle Re-Fashion Fury!!!

Ok, so, I stalk blogs like I do...for this very reason!. Look at this adorable tutorial from Alexis at My Mama Made It. It's amazingly easy!

As soon as I saw it, I dug through my shirt drawer searching desperately for a long-sleeved tee that would work for this re-fashion. I am in love with it!!! Don't act surprised if you see me wearing ruffles on everything now!

This is me VERY happy about the way it turned out!
I made the mistake of not taking a before pic of the shirt, but I happened to have the same one in a different color, so, you'll get the idea.

Before....After....!!!! (ok, so, remember I said they're different but the same...)Ok, so I didn't mean for this to be so much of a boob shot...that's what happens when you try to get artsy when taking photos of yourself with one hand! But look at those ruffles!More ruffles....and cute scrabble tile pendant! :)
Happy Friday....I work!

To the rest of you.....Go make ruffles!


  1. Favorite pic=third from the bottom

  2. two things: I LOVE when you blog and

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at David's comment :0P

    Oh and lastly but I think most importantly, YOU'RE SO AMAZINGLY TALENTED! You have an eye for design girl! You try to play it off like no biggy, but it IS. I envy you in a good way LOL You're amazing Leah! I love you!

  3. David-of course ;)

    Kat-I love you too! You're soooooo SWEET! I miss you! It's been like 10 years since I have seen you! Thanks for your kind words and your constant complements! :)

  4. So cute! I love yours and My Mamas!!!