Thursday, March 12, 2009

Potty Paraphernalia

Is it ever too early to start potty training?

Lately Liam has been making quite a scene when he is attempting at a #2. The world stops as he clenches on to the couch, the door jam, a chair, a wall, whatever is nearby really. Seeing this has made me want to catch it and introduce the potty. I am not a big fan of potty chairs, but I found a cute little tiny cushioned toilet seat that goes directly on the big potty (less yucky clean up for me!). So far he thinks it is pretty cool and he managed to be "successful" once so far. When I catch him doing his business, I run over, pick him up and rush off to the bathroom. But, I've been noticing his posture change when I pick him up. He becomes as stiff as a board, with his legs tightly pinched together and his toes pointed. It's hilarious!

Daddy captured this hilarious picture of him last night.....he was enjoying his book.

This morning I attempted again. This time I tried to introduce the potty before he had actually began to progress in his attempts. He sat there willfully with his little ankles crossed and read his book, messed with the toilet paper, and attempted to flush. After so long, I let him get off. He ran off diaper-less (I let him do that every now and then.....he's never had a problem). Well, just as I was done disassembling the toilet seat....I look out the bathroom door to see Liam standing in the dining room.....peeing on the hardwood floor (at least it wasn't carpet, and at least it wasn't poop!) He thought this was funny and started to run from me as I tried to catch him to put a diaper back on his bare bottom! While I won in the end, it wasn't 30 seconds after his new fresh diaper was now neatly on that he turned the corner and grabbed the wall....yes, you know what that means!!!! AHHHH. He pooped. At this point I was just gonna wait til he finished his number and call it a day. :)


  1. Oh my goodness! This totally cracks me up!

  2. You so have to submit this picture to Regis and Kelly's baby search next year. It's priceless!

  3. That is a cute story. And very cute picture.