Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finicky Schminicky

I have yet to master the fine art of getting Liam, (15 months), to eat normal food. He loves dinosaur chicken nuggets from Costco, loves any/all pizza, loves applesauce, yogurt, animal crackers and waffles. I attempted carrots last night smothered with butter and brown sugar hoping he would find them tasting like some kind of dessert (I found them to be quite delightful). However, it turned out to be a big war. As he gave me a hideous look and pushed my hand and fork out of his face he later dumped his entire dish in protest, calling it quits. Mission candied carrots: failed.

Dinner tonight: spaghetti. In the earlier days of experiencing new foods, he loved spaghetti! But tonight, not so much. Not only does he make an awful face when he sees or touches a food outside of his box of typical toddler grub, but he also gags when he pokes it with his tiny index finger. Amazingly tonight he spent the entire dinner wiping the palm of his hand back and forth over his plate of spaghetti, flattening the noodley mush down til it was smooth. He then proceeded to wipe the spaghetti up onto his arms and all over his chest every time he randomly signed "please." I must say, I was a little relieved that he was at least touching the food and was somewhat enjoying the texture. On a more positive note, Winston, our yorkie, was getting a scrumptious dinner as noodles, meat and sauce were falling to the ground and flying across the room every few minutes. Along with flinging spaghetti everywhere he also squashed every green bean between his fingers, but, somehow Liam managed to inhale a breadstick and a half (the only thing he would eat!).

Meal times cause me anxiety. The uneasy feeling I get every time I prepare something for Liam that seems well-balanced, frustrates me beyond all means and gives me this hopeless feeling like I am failing as a mom. I am sure that every other mom out there has dealt with or is currently dealing with a a finicky toddler at the table, but, if you have any solutions, let me know!

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