Monday, June 28, 2010

DIY Baby Legs

If you haven't seen Babylegs yet, you should. They're adorable....but kinda pricey for what they are. My friend Chelsea recently bought a super cute pair for Oliver, and I bought Liam a pair (for a whopping $12!) when he was a lil lad and I loved them for when he was crawling (protected his knees while wearing just a onesie).
In the meantime, I have found several online tutorials on how to make these cute little legwarmers yourself! All of my blog stalking pays off...eventually, when I finally get around to creating something I found. Well, I made these. I made Ollie 3 pairs to be exact. They are so fun to make and much cheaper than the name brand Babylegs.

The tutorial I used and liked best was from Natasha at Samster Mommy blog. You can find her amazingly detailed and easy-to-follow tutorial here.
Here are 2 of the 3 pairs I've made using ladies funky kneehigh socks from Target ($2 a pair). The 3rd pair I made are the ones Ollie is wearing. They're my fave. :)
Here is Ollie, proudly sporting his new DIY babylegs!
Despite Daddy thinking that they are a little too Jane-Fonda-circa-1980 for him...
....diaper changes are a breeze with these bad boys and I happen to think they're freakin' adorable!

I mean seriously...what's not to love about these cute little legs?Now go buy some socks, and MAKE some! :)


  1. Yes, they really are cute little legs. :)

  2. Too cute! I love your blog. Looks great. I just started one, and yours is my inspiration. : )